“In All Respects Ready”
The Merchant Navy and the Battle of Atlantic
By Cdr. F. B. Watt, RCN Ret.

“The Sea Is At Our Gates”
History of Canadian Navy
By Cdr. T. German, RCN Ret.

The U Boat Battle of March 1943
By Martin Middlebrook

“The Allied Convoy System 1939-1945”
By Arnold Hague

“In Great Waters”
The Epic Story of the Battle of the Atlantic
By Spencer Dunmore

“Canada and the Battle of the Atlantic”
By Roger Sarty

“A Bloody War”
By Hal Lawrence

“On The Triangle Run”
By James B. Lamb

“War at Sea”
By Frank Curry

“Life in the Corvette Navy”

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Compiled by Ernie Brown, VA3OEB
Rev. March 2008.