Tuesdays at 21:00 on 144.250MHz USB

This net meets most Tuesdays at 21:00 on 144.250MHz USB (upper sideband).

To the extent possible, both horizontal and vertical polarization will be monitored during the net, although horizontal polarization is the generally accepted standard for SSB and weak signal work.

This is an informal net, open to any and all licensed amateurs who wish to check in. Operators are invited to test their station equipment, experiment, and discuss items of interest to other radio amateurs.

After the net on 144.250MHz, we will hold a quick roll call on 50.150MHz, then 432.150MHz, then other bands including 222.150 MHz, 903.150MHz and 1296.100MHz if stations are interested.

Members of the net are usually available to conduct or assist with special tests on antennas, other modes such as CW and FM and also using digital modes such as PSK31, SSTV, WSJT.

Net Control tries his best to have the entire net and roll calls over by 2215hrs so the demand on your personal time is kept to a minimum.

The regular Net Control station is Glenn VE3XRA, located in FN25dj.

We look forward to chatting with you. Please join us.

Summary of VHF Nets within our reach:

Area Day Time Freq Grid Controller
Guelph Mon, Wed 21:00 144.210 FN VE3XTM Terry
Guelph Friday 21:00 432.210 FN VE3XTM Terry
Rochester Monday 21:00 144.260 FN13 W2UTH
Montréal Tuesday 20:00 144.240 FN35 VE2DC (On hold)
Ottawa Tuesday 21:00 144.250 FN25 VE3XRA Glenn
Quebec City Thursday 20:00 144.240 FN46  
Concord, NH Thursday 20:30 144.250 FN43 W1COT, K1UHF
Montréal Thursday 20:00 144.250 FN35 VE2MRC (On hold)
St. Lawrence Valley Friday 20:00 ±144.240   Round table format
Bangor, ME Tuesday 19:30 144.225 FN54 K1GUP Jerry (Pine State Net)
Central Québec Sunday 20:00 144.240   Format not yet determined