Dale, VE3XZT, and I (VA3NFA) had a BLAST during this contest!

We operated as a Rover and activated FN25, FN15, FN14 and FN24 during the short 4 hour contest. We were able to work many of the local “big guns” and even work some DX during the short E’s that surprised us during the contest.

Here is a map of our route:

route map

We found an EXCELLENT operating position in FN14, at the site of an old Bell tower (ed note: Numogate?) that is no longer used. Also, Brad, VE3BSM, found a great location for us to operate from FN24. Thanks Brad!

Here are our “unofficial” results:

  • From FN25 - 6 QSO’s / Grids: FN15, FN25
  • From FN15 - 4 QSO’s / Grids: FN15, FN25
  • From FN14 - 6 QSO’s / Grids: EL96, EM60, EM70, FN15, FN24, FN25
  • From FN24 - 6 QSO’s / Grids: EM60, FN15, FN24, FN25
  • Total QSO’s: 22 / Total Grids: 14
  • Claimed Score: 308

We drove a little over 230km to work these grids, thus we only had about 20 minutes “parked” at each location.

Our station was a FT-857 running at about 75 watts. While mobile we used a 6m hamstick on the van, and while parked we setup a Par Omni Loop on a 10’ mast supported with a small tripod. We drank Tim Horton’s coffee and had a variety of Timbits.

As this contest is “rule light” we used APRS and 70cm to setup scheds before and during the contest.

Here is a pic of the happy rovers and setup:

VA3NFA rover

Thanks again for all the contacts. I think Dale and I have caught the “rover bug”!!!

Hmmmmm… “VA3NFA Psycho Rover” for the June VHF Contest……

73, Tom (VA3NFA) Kanata, Ontario