On December 19, 2022, Charles MacDonald (VA3CPY) delivered this Annual Report:

Adventures of the WCARC in 2022

The Québec QSO Party took place on April 17.

2022 June VHF Contest, June 11th-13th 2022: Serious planning started in April including scouting sites. The Corkery Community Center was not available due to planned renovations, so we decided to rent the Kinburn Community Center. We had a successful contest. The members can all be proud of that feat. Follow-up actions in preparation for next year’s VHF contest: The Club should purchase a 432 MHz long boom antenna, and spare bolts and nuts for all the antennas. Ken (VA3KA), a former Club member, will have two 432 MHz long boom yagis for sale in the spring. Bert will contact him in March to remind him of our need.

Ken (VA3KA) informed the Club that there still were WCARC-owned tower sections in storage on his property.

ARRL 10 GHz & Up contest: Ray operated from Mt. Tremblant.

Planning started on a one-day activation at the Baxter Conservation Area shelter. We would set up inside a cabin. The rental fee for the cabin is $65 per day. We could deploy an end-fed antenna with a triplexer splitter for the 40m, 20m, and 10m bands. It would likely be a battery operation. The members present at the meeting showed interest in the activity. Lawrence will visit the site in advance and report back to the Club.

The Smiths Falls hamfest took place on June 18th 2022.

OARC Carp hamfest: Ray (VE3FN) offered to supervise the table during the hamfest. Charles prepared a flyer sheet and a few pictures to advertise the Club. We used the Club projector and had posters showing pictures and Club information. As a result, one new member joined the Club during the event.

VHF/UHF beacon move: We received agreement in May from the DARC officers to move the Club beacons to the Diefenbunker. John (VA3JYK) acts as Liaison. August 2nd was selected as the move day. The 70cm antenna still needs to be adjusted, as the measured VSWR was 2:1. We got a 2m reception report from a ham in Peterborough. Karen provided pictures of the beacon move to Lee Boltwood, the owner of our former beacon site. This was to highlight her contribution to the Club operations. She was very appreciative of that. She was also very interested in the new beacon location.

902/1296 MHz beacons: Bert (VE2ZAZ) has contacted Ying (VA3YH) again to see whether the beacons could be recovered from the YMCA site soon.

QSL cards: We now have printed WCARC QSL cards.

Name badges: WCARC is planning a name tag group purchase from Dominion Rubber Stamp & Engraving. The cost will be approximately $10 each.