The meeting was held over the internet via a Zoom video conference. The following people were present:

Name Call Sign Position MH Grid WCARC RAC
Charles MacDonald VA3CPY President FN25ag Yes Yes
Karen Bryden VA3IGO Member FN25ag Yes Yes
Bertrand Zauhar VE2ZAZ Secretary FN25bk Yes Yes
Mike Kassay VE3MKX Vice President FN14st Yes Yes
Lawrence Dobranski VA3IQ Member FN25 Yes Yes
Randy Nordlund VE3AX Member FN25jg Yes Yes
Wayne Getchell VE3CZO Director FN25dh Yes Yes
Glenn MacDonell VE3XRA Member FN25dj Yes Yes
Rémi De Cristofaro VA3DRI Member FN25 Yes Yes
Clayton Smith VE3IRR Member FN25ai Yes Yes
Peter Jago VA3PJ Member FN25ag Yes Yes
Fred VE3LAF Visitor - No -
John VA3JYK Visitor - No -


The meeting was opened by the President, Charles (VA3CPY) at 7:15 pm. There were two visitors attending the meeting.

Secretary’s Report

Bert (VE2ZAZ) posted a draft version of the June 2021 meeting minutes on the website prior to this meeting. Moved by him that the minutes be adopted as posted on the website. Seconded by Karen (VA3IGO). The motion was carried.

Treasurer’s Report

The following report was provided by email ahead of the meeting by the Ray (VE3FN), the Treasurer.

  • The balance as of June 30th was $2,032.95. There is also $2,000 which is split up into two term deposits. One has a maturity date of June 21st, 2021. The other one will mature on October 21st, 2021.
  • There are 24 members as of today. There are also three life members.

Vice President’s Report

Mike (VE3MKX) mentioned several ham radio upcoming events and contests:

  • Two events—the Hanover Hamfest in August and the Barrie Hamfest in September—are being organized. They will likely take place.
  • Lighthouse on the Air
  • Parks on the Air

Glenn (VE3XRA) added two more events:

  • The RAC Portable Station Challenge started on July 1st and runs until year end.
  • The 2021 RAC conference and AGM on September 19th. More information available on the RAC website.

Director’s Report

  • The VE3WCC Club call sign is now officially managed by Wayne (VE3CZO).
  • We received a QSL request for a contact made during our June 2011 VHF Contest in FN04 (in Grafton, ON). Since we do not have an official QSL card design, Wayne will create a generic QSL card and send it to the requester.

President’s Report

  • The Club-sponsored call sign VE3DVQ is now officially owned by the Lanark North Leeds ARES.
  • A RAC advanced amateur radio course will likely start in September.


Mike (VE3MKX) did not book a speaker for this meeting, as he thought that the Club did not hold meetings in July and August.

Old Business

  • Beacons move: Charles (VE3CPY): We should hear from the DARC regarding the beacons move next week. The Officers will be informed of any update on the subject.

Reports / Club Project Updates

  • Glenn (VE3XRA): The OARC VE2CRA DMR repeater is physically at the Camp Fortune site. They are currently testing it out. Bert has offered to provide a backup plan for an internet connection via an AREDN 5.8 GHz link.

New Business


Show and Tell / Announcements

  • Glenn (VE3XRA) solicited feedback from attendees on whether RAC should allow digital modes during the RAC contests.
  • Bert (VE2ZAZ) showed a VHF contest logging software package he is putting together. The software package is available on GitHub or via the website.
  • Lawrence (VA3IQ) mentioned the existence of the ham radio VOIP telephone network.
  • Clayton (VE3IRR) shared a 1987 Stittsville News newspaper article featuring the WCARC during the field day. It is James (K0FE) who sent it by email. Back then, his father, Melvyn (KN4GB, previously VE3OFD), was a member of the WCARC.
  • Wayne (VE3CZO) gave a quick update on the last month’s presentation: His Tx/Rx Sequencer now uses a ATTiny microcontroller. The product is still in development. He will provide a better update at the next month’s meeting.
  • Bert (VE2ZAZ) showed a TinySA $50 spectrum analyzer. Considering the cost, it offers some impressive performance.


The President observed that there was no further business; the meeting was adjourned at 8:51 pm.