The meeting was held over the internet via a Zoom video conference. The following people were present:

Name Call Sign Position MH Grid WCARC RAC
Karen Bryden VA3IGO Member FN25ag Yes Yes
Charles MacDonald VA3CPY President FN25ag Yes Yes
Bertrand Zauhar VE2ZAZ Secretary FN25bk Yes Yes
Lawrence Dobranski VA3IQ Member FN25 Yes Yes
Jeremy Jones VA3ZTF Vice President FN25ac Yes Yes
Raj Thukral VA3RZT Member FN25 Yes Yes
Andrew Hart VE3NVK Member FN25bh Yes Yes
Clare Fowler VE3NPC Member FN25 Yes Yes
Robert Boyd VE3BE Treasurer FN25dj Yes Yes
Mike Kassay VE3MKX Member FN14st Yes Yes
Clayton Smith VE3IRR Member FN25ai Yes Yes
Rémi De Cristofaro VA3DRI Member FN25 Yes Yes
Alan Hotte VA3IAH Member FN25ci Yes Yes
Ray Perrin VE3FN Member FN25dk Yes Yes
Brian Jeffrey VE3UU Member FN15 Yes Yes
John Kassay VE3FDK Visitor FN03cf    
Graham Ide VE3BYT Member FN25ch Yes Yes


The meeting was opened by the President, Charles (VA3CPY) at 19:10. One visitor, John Kassay (VE3FDK), attended the meeting.

Secretary’s Report

Bert (VE2ZAZ) posted a draft version of the September 2020 meeting minutes on the website prior to this meeting. Moved by him that the minutes be adopted as posted on the website. Seconded by Jeremy (VA3ZTF). The motion was carried.

Treasurer’s Report

Robert (VE3BE) reported 25 paid up members for 2020 and a bank balance of $1457.93. There is also $2,000 which is split up into two term deposits. One will mature on October 21st, 2020, and will be renewed for another year. The other one has a maturity date of June 21st, 2021.

Vice President’s Report

  • Jeremy (VA3ZTF) reminded Charles (VA3CPY) to submit his receipt so that the Club pays him back for the Zoom meeting charges, as it was decided at the September meeting.
  • Jeremy reported that the OVMRC Club will grant a $10 rebate on 2021 membership fees to existing members.
  • Jeremy reminded the attendees that two Officer positions will be up for election in December: Vice President and Treasurer. The current Officers in these positions have announced that they would not run again for their respective positions. Members are informed of this months ahead of the election so that it helps with their preparation/reflection.
  • Jeremy is working on ensuring that there are speakers scheduled for each Club meeting until the January meet (inclusive). The newly elected Vice President will take over the duties after that date. Jeremy is looking for meeting speakers for November and January. Members are asked to contact him if they can assist.

Director’s Report

The Director was absent.

President’s Report

  • In preparation for the upcoming December Officer election, Charles (VA3CPY) stressed the importance of getting involved in the executive committee.
  • Charles confirmed he had purchased a one-year Zoom meeting license, as we expect to be meeting remotely for several months to come. When his license expires, the Club will have to decide whether to renew that license.


Mike (VE3MKX) - Weather Observing and Recording

Old Business

  • Beacon Relocation (item ongoing)
    • Charles (VA3CPY): The Club beacons (VHF/UHF) will remain in operation at our current Stittsville location for the time being, but we should consider moving them in the spring of 2021. The proposed location would be the Diefenbunker. Currently, all beacon documentation is located in the observatory.
    • When needed, Brian (VE3UU) can arrange for some space in the Diefenbunker to be provided to store the remaining beacon-site Club equipment. Tuesdays are best for moving equipment (since the Bunker is closed to public). Next spring will probably be best to relocate the equipment.
    • There is also some Club-owned equipment at Ray Burrell (VE3BVV)’s place, currently stored in a barn.
  • VHF/UHF Beacons Monitoring and Care (item ongoing)
    • Jeremy (VA3ZTF): The Club is looking for someone to take the torch on monitoring and taking care of the beacons.
    • Andy (VE3NVK) has offered to take over that responsibility. He will become the main contact with the property owner. He will also visit the site in the next few days. Existing documentation will get scanned and put up on the web.
    • Raj (VA3RZT) has also offered to help; he also lives close to the site.
  • Membership fees for 2021 (item closed)
    • In the context of the pandemic, one consideration would be to grant a rebate on the membership fee to existing Club members, or even to waive the fee entirely.
    • The Club’s expenses have come down in 2020, but we do not know what is going to happen in 2021 as far as expenses go (VHF contest, meeting room rental, future projects, beacon relocation and maintenance).
    • We shall continue to subscribe to the RAC insurance for its liability coverage at the beacon sites and also on the City of Ottawa premises.
    • After a lengthy discussion, Charles (VA3CPY) proposed that we charge the full membership fees in 2021, and that we figure out a way to collect the dues. The proposal was seconded by Jeremy (VA3ZTF). There was an unanimous vote in favour of that proposal.

New Business


Reports / Club Project Updates

Last week, Jeremy (VA3ZTF) monitored and successfully decoded the International Space Station SSTV signal using a simple radio and vertical antenna. SSTV transmissions are likely to periodically return.


No report.

Mesh Network

Nothing to report.

Show and Tell / Announcements

Charles (VA3CPY) ended up buying a NanoVNA, thanks to other members’ help and recommendations. It will allow Karen (VA3IGO) to work on her HF vertical antenna project.


The President observed that there was no further business; the meeting was adjourned at 20:30.