The meeting was held at the Fringewood Community Centre in Stittsville. The following people were present:

Name Call Sign Position MH Grid WCARC RAC
Bertrand Zauhar VE2ZAZ Secretary FN25bk Yes Yes
Peter Jago VA3PJ Member FN25ag Yes Yes
John Vandermey VA3RLC Member FN15xd Yes Yes
Jeremy Jones VA3ZTF Vice President FN25ac Yes Yes
Glenn MacDonell VE3XRA Member FN25dj Yes Yes
Clare Fowler VE3NPC Member FN25dj Yes Yes
Karen Bryden VA3IGO Member FN25ag Yes  
Charles MacDonald VA3CPY Member FN25ag Yes Yes
G-A Chaudron VE2VAB Member FN25 Yes Yes
Norm Rashleigh VE3LC Visitor FN25FK   Yes


The meeting was opened by the Vice President, Jeremy (VA3ZTF) at 19:02. One visitor was in attendance: Norm Rashleigh (VE3LC).

Secretary’s Report

Bert (VE2ZAZ) posted a draft version of the January meeting minutes on the website prior this meeting. Moved by the Secretary that the minutes be adopted as posted on the website. Seconded by Peter (VA3PJ). The motion was carried.

Treasurer’s Report

In the absence of the Treasurer, the Vice President reported 20 paid up members for 2020, expenditures of $185, and a bank balance of $1414.03. There is also $2,000 which is split up into two term deposits. These will be maturing in 2020, one in April and the other in October.

Vice President’s Report

Jeremy (VA3ZTF) reminded the members that the President’s position was currently unoccupied. He expressed the importance of having a complete board of officers, as required by our non-for-profit status and by our constitution. In order to facilitate the election of the missing officer, he offered to move to the President’s position, if necessary, to free up the Vice President position. He suggested that the members present should consider moving forward as candidate for either position.

Director’s Report

The Director was not present at the meeting.

President’s Report

None. The President’s position is open.


Norm Rashleigh (VE3LC) spoke on his electric vehicle, and the state of the EV market and the technologies.

Old Business

Bert (VE2ZAZ): On the Club email group transition from Yahoo! Groups to, Bert did not get to transfer the group to the new email group, but will proceed in the next few days. He will then delete the Yahoo! group.

Reports / Project Updates


Glenn (VE3XRA) reported hearing the beacons.


No report.

Broadband Hamnet

Bert (VE2ZAZ): Rick (VE3CVG), Ying (VA3YH) and Dave (VE3KMV) visited the YMCA site. They restored the West-facing link connecting with VE3IRR. The link remains variable in quality; it can be solid at times but also experiences unexplained deep signal drops.

New Business


Election of President

The election of president was deferred to the next meeting, as nobody came forward to fill the position.

Announcements / Show & Tell

Norm (VE3LC): There is a local FM net held here in Ottawa on Sundays at 8PM, on 144.250 MHz. A vertical polarization antenna is recommended.

G-A Chaudron (VE2VAB): CRAO Gatineau Club had two TYT-9000 220MHz mobile transceivers stolen from their Hull Hospital site. People should be on the watch for these. Note that they had no microphone attached.

Glenn (VE3XRA): Reported on the Canadian Ski Marathon. This year, they were very tight on the number of radio operators available.


The Vice President observed that there being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 21:22.