The meeting was held in the Kanata Room in Sobey's, at the SW corner of Hazeldean and Terry Fox Drive in Kanata.

The following people were present:

NameCall SignPositionMH GridRACWCARC
Doug LeachVE3XKVice PresidentFN25bfYesYes
Clare FowlerVE3NPCMemberFN25djYesYes
Andy HartVE3NVKTreasurerFN25bhYesYes
Paul BoltwoodVE3PLEMemberFN25bjYesYes
Brian JeffreyVE3UUVisitorFN15Yes
Peter JagoVA3PJMemberFN25agYesYes
Richard FerchVE3KIVisitorFN25ceYes
Randy NordlundVA3NRNMemberFN25vgYesYes
Dave GoodwinVE3AAQMemberFN25ekYesYes
Clayton SmithVE3IRRPresidentFN25aiYesYes
Ralph CameronVE3BBMVisitorFN25Yes
Tyler TidmanVA3DGNVisitorFN25Yes
Wayne GetchellVE3CZOVisitorFN25Yes
Ying HumVA3YHMemberFN25YesYes

The meeting was opened by President Clayton Smith (VE3IRR)at 19:30 hours.

Secretary's Reports
The secretary was absent and the minutes were presented by the President. A number of corrections were noted. The Minutes were approved subject to the changes. Proposed by Doug, VE3XK, and seconded by Randy VE3NRN. Minutes for this meeting were taken by Andy (VE3NVK)

Treasurer's Report
Treasurer Andy (VE3NVK) reported that the Club has 20 paid-up members, and funds of $553, after deducting a commitment of $40 for gas paid by Glenn (VE3XRA) to Ray (VE3FN) for transportation to the June VHF/UHF event.

Vice President's Report
Vice President Doug (VE3XK)had nothing to report.

Director's Report
Director Bert (VE2ZAZ) was absent.


- Beacons:
There remain some problems with the beacons and they are not yet re-installed. The 70cm module still has an undetermined problem. It is unknown if we will be able to keep the previous location. There is a possibility of being relocated to the tower being erected by the OARC at the Diefenbunker.

VA3ODG remains operational. VA3AAR will be taken out of service sometime soon while the site is being rebuilt by the owner.

New Business:
Doug VE3XK proposed a change to the bylaws with respect to the prior notification of amounts spent under $100. A notification will be sent by email to all paid-up members giving them 2 weeks notice that this will be suject to discussion and a vote at the next meeting.

There were various announcements about upcoming radio events, including that our past President Al (VO1NO) is trying for the first trans-Atlantic 2m QSO, a one-way message has been heard to date.

Clayton gave us a presentation on recent changes with SDR radios and the GNU radio software.

The President stated that there being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 22:05 hours.