The meeting was held in the Kanata Room in Sobey's, at the SW corner of Hazeldean and Terry Fox Drive in Kanata.

The following people were present:

NameCall SignPositionMH GridRACWCARC
Al PenneyVO1NOPresidentFN24cwYesYes
Clayton SmithVE3IRRVice PresidentFN25aiYesYes
Doug LeachVE3XKMemberFN25wgYesYes
Ken AsmusVA3KAMemberFN15wgYesYes
Peter JagoVA3PJMemberFN25agYesYes
Barney BakerVA3BGBMemberFN25aiYesYes
Paul BoltwoodVE3PLEMemberFN25YesYes
Clare FowlerVE3NPCMemberFN25djYesYes
Wayne GetchellVE3CZOMemberFN25YesYes
Steven SpencerVA3EXSGuestFN14xvYes
Stephanie SpencerGuest
Leah FraserGuest
Scott SpencerGuest
Roger CormierGuest

The meeting was opened by President Al Penney (VO1NO) at 19:30 hours.
The President welcomed five guests: Steven Spencer (VA3EXS), Stephanie Spencer, Leah Fraser, Scott Spencer and Roger Cormier.

Secretary's Report:
The Secretary was not present at the meeting, so the minutes of the previous meeting were not available. Clayton (VE3IRR) took the minutes for the current meeting.

Treasurer's Report:
The Treasurer was not present at the meeting.

Vice President's Report:
Vice President Clayton (VE3IRR) reported that the usual meeting room was booked at Sobeys for the August meeting and that he had requested the room for the September and October meetings. He noted that speaker for the August meeting would be Bert (VE2ZAZ) who will give a primer on digital modulation. Clayton (VE3IRR) will give a presentation on GNU Radio at the September meeting. Speakers are still required for the October and November meetings.

President's Report:

Old Business:

New Business:

Al (VO1NO) presented a slideshow consisting of photos and information about the club's recent grid expedition to FN04xa near Grafton, Ontario for the ARRL June VHF Contest. He also provided a list of the additional radio equipment and supplies that would be required, should the club decide to repeat the grid expedition in 2014 in his absence.

The President, Al (VO1NO) stated that there being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 21:30.