The meeting was held in Kanata Room in Sobey's, at the SW corner of Hazeldean and Terry Fox Drive in Kanata.

The following people were present:

NameCall SignPositionMH GridRACWCARC
Barney BakerVA3BGBMemberFN25aiYesYes
Bernie MadoreVA3BMZMemberFN15vzYesYes
Ken AsmusVA3KATreasurerFN15wgYesYes
Peter JagoVA3PJMemberFN25agYesYes
Stan MadoreVA3SMMMemberFN15vzYesYes
Harold HamiltonVA3UNKMemberFN25djYesYes
Bert ZauharVE2ZAZDirectorFN25bkYesYes
Ray BurrellVE3BVVGuest
Graham IdeVE3BYTMemberFN25chYesYes
Geoff JohnsonVE3KIDMemberYes
Clare FowlerVE3NPCMemberFN25YesYes
Andy HartVE3NVKVice PresidentFN25bhYesYes
Glenn MacDonellVE3XRASecretaryFN15djYesYes
Al PenneyVO1NOPresidentFN24cwYesYes

The meeting was opened by President Al Penney(VO1NO) at 19:30 hours. He welcomed the meeting's only guest, Ray Burrell (VE3BV)..

Secretary's Report:
Secretary Glenn MacDonell (VE3XRA) introduced the minutes of the previous meeting. Moved by VE3XRA-Glenn MacDonell that the previous minutes as published on the web pages be approved. Seconded by VE3BYT-Graham Ide.

Motion approved.

Treasurer's Report:
Treasurer Ken Asmus(VA3KA) reported that the club ended 2011 with a bank balance of $294.22. The January meeting is the first of the new year for the club and he is now taking membership renewalls (2 people renewed in December). The Christmas party cost approximately $30 and was covered by a donation from the President.

VicePresident's Report
Vice President Andrew Hart(VE3NVK) reported that while we still cannot book meeting rooms in advance we have usually been able to get the room we want when we need it. He also noted that FUNcube, a small satellite created by a team of radio amateurs and other specialists now has a launch agreement and is expected to be launched in the third quarter of 2012. The satellite will be launched in a circular low earth orbit that is "sun scnchronous" to ensure it has the necessary power and will appear at regular times for educational outreach activities at schools and colleges. The satellite will transmit signals that can be easily received directly using a simple and inexpensive "ground station" enclosed in a USB dongle. The spacecraft will also provide a U/V linear transponder for radio amateurs during local "night", weekends and holiday periods. Additional information can be found on the AMSAT-UK website.

Old Business:

New Business:

General Reports:
Continue to operate effectively.

Canadian Ski Marathon
Harold (VE3UNK) noted that the 46th Canadian Ski Marathon will take place 11-12 February. Shortly after it began amateur radio operators undertook to provide thecommunications essential for the operation of the marathon and safety of its participants. Typical duties consist of providing communications from check points along the route and there are still spaces available for operators. He encouraged any licenced amateur to consider participating - it is a fulfilling and memorable experience. Equipment is available (2 m mobile radios) for any operator who does not have his or her own. For more information or to volunteer contact Harold at VE3UNK at Information on the assignments and status of preparations can be found at

Radio Mobile Online
The Radio Mobile software that allows predicts the performance of a radio system linking 2 or more locations using digital terrain elevation data is now available online. Jeff (VE3EFF) had described the stand alone software at the February 2011 meeting. The web based implementation is easy to use, eliminates the need to download the large digital terrain databases - and is free! Radio Mobile's website is


The President, Al (VO1NO) delivered a presentation on the ScanEagle UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) system using photos of the UAV that he had taken while he participated in testing in Halifax and at sea on the Royal Canadian Navy frigate HMCS CHARLOTTETOWN. He also showed short videos he had taken of its launch and recovery from the CHARLOTTETOWN.

The President Al Penney(VO1NO) stated that there being no further business, the meeting would be adjourned. The meeting was closed at 22:10 hours.