The meeting was held at Mobile Knowledge, 11 Hines Road, Kanata, ON.

The following people were present:

NameCall SignPositionMH GridRACWCARC
Peter JagoVA3PJMemberFN25agYesYes
Harold HamiltonVA3UNKMemberFN25djYesYes
Bert ZauharVE2ZAZDirectorFN25bkYesYes
Graham IdeVE3BYTMemberFN25chYesYes
Brian CrookVE3CRGMemberYes
Rick BandlaVE3CVGWebmasterFN25hmYesYes
Jeff MilneVE3EFFGuestFN25agYes
Don GreeneVE3IGNMember
Geoff JohnsonVE3KIDMemberYes
Clare FowlerVE3NPCMemberFN25YesYes
Doug LeachVE3XKMemberFN25bfYesYes
Glenn MacDonellVE3XRASecretaryFN15djYesYes
Ben GreenVE3ZUOGuestFN14
Al PenneyVO1NOPresidentFN24cwYesYes

The meeting was opened by President Al Penney(VO1NO) at 19:30 hours.

The President thanked Jeff Milne VE3EFF for arranging a meeting room at their company, Mobile Knowledge. He welcomed 2 visitors to the meeting: VE3IGN, Don Green, and VE3ZUO, Ben Green.

Secretary's Report:
Secretary Glenn MacDonell(VE3XRA) introduced the minutes of the previous meeting. Moved by VE3XRA-Glenn MacDonell that the previous minutes as published on the web pages be approved. Seconded by VA3PJ-Peter Jago.

Motion approved.

Treasurer's Report:
The Treasurer was not able to attend as he had left on buisiness for the High Arctic the previous weekend. Before leaving he prepared a report that was presented verbally by the President. As of 1 April 2011 the club bank balance was $407.55 with a further $80 to be deposited for a total of $487.55. The last expenditure had been room rental of $41.20 for the February meeting. At the beginning of April the club had 3 Honorary/Life members, 24 paid up members and 12 members from 2010 had not yet renewed their membership.

Old Business:

New Business:

General Reports:
There was a brief discussion on upcoming events such as Nearfest to determine which members planned to attend.

Harold Hamilton, VE3UNK, delivered a presentation on amateur radio support for the Canadian Ski Marathon 11-13 February 2011. The presentation is posted on the WCARC website.

The President Al Penney(VO1NO) stated that there being no further business, the meeting would be adjourned. The meeting was closed at 21:30 hours.