The meeting was held in the Kanata Room in Sobey's, at the SW corner of Hazeldean and Terry Fox Drive in Kanata.

The following people were present:

NameCall SignPositionMH GridRACWCARC
Barney BakerVA3BGBMemberFN25aiYesYes
Dean DenterVA3CDDMemberFN15wlYesYes
Peter JagoVA3PJMemberFN25agYesYes
Bert ZauharVE2ZAZMemberFN25bkYesYes
Graham IdeVE3BYTMemberFN25chYesYes
Rick BandlaVE3CVGWebmasterFN25hmYesYes
Tom BartelloVE3ELMMemberFN15wgYesYes
Murray PierceVE3IFPMemberYesYes
Dave ConnVE3KLMemberFN25bhYesYes
David GreenVE3TLYGuestYes
Doug LeachVE3XKVice PresidentFN15wgYesYes
Glenn MacDonellVE3XRASecretaryFN15djYesYes
Bryan CampbellVE3ZRKGuestYes
Alan MacPheeVE3ZTUGuestFN15Yes
Al PenneyVO1NOPresidentFN24cwYesYes

The meeting was opened by President Al Penney(VO1NO) at 19:30 hours.

The President welcomed 2 guests to the meeting: Bryan, VE3ZRK and Dave, VE3TLY.

Secretary's Report:
Secretary Glenn MacDonell (VE3XRA) introduced the minutes of the previous meeting. Moved by VA3PJ Peter Jago that the previous minutes as published on the web pages be approved. Seconded by VE3CVG Rick Bandla.

Motion approved.

Treasurer's Report:
Doug Leach(VE3XK) on behalf of Treasurer Ken Asmus VA3KA, noted that the bank balance remains at about $800.

Old Business:

New Business:

General Reports:

The beacons were discussed briefly - noting that occassionally the final character in the sequence was truncated. This may be an issue with the programming and not easily remedied.

Rick VE3CVG reported that the upgrade of D-STAR repeater system VA3ODG was underway to increase reliability and security. A newer computer has been obtained to replace the previous server and new equipment for the internet link.

Rick, VE3CVG reported that the company hosting the club website had stopped operations. A new host was found but because of unresolved issues over the registration of the internet domain the web address could not be transferred. The club website can now be accessed at The site contains a great deal of information including presentations made at meetings and coantains minutes of all meetings over the past 6 years.

Doug VE3XK, reported that the club's 2m FM repeater (147.240MHz) and UHF FM repeater are off the air. The owners of our former site in Franktown asked that the equipment be removed and Dale VE3XZT very quickly went in and took the considerable pile of equipment out. While efforts are still underway, the growing tendency of tower owners to require payment for access, means that there are fewer available locations.


Bert, VE2ZAZ, provided an interesting and informative discussion of spectrum analyzers and network analyzer and their use in amateur radiuo. A copy of his presentation can be found on the club website.

The the president stated that there being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. The meeting was closed at 21:30 hours.