The meeting was held in the Kanata Room in Sobey's, at the SW corner of Hazeldean and Terry Fox Drive in Kanata.

The following people were present:

NameCall SignPositionMH GridRACWCARC
Barney BakerVA3BGBSecretaryFN25aiYesYes
Bernie MadoreVA3BMZMemberFN15vzYesYes
Dean DenterVA3CDDMemberFN15wlYesYes
Tyler TidmanVA3DGNGuestFN25aiYes
Peter JagoVA3PJMemberFN25YesYes
Stan MadoreVA3SMMMemberFN15vzYesYes
Valentin DorogaVA3WOMemberFN25ciYesYes
Bert ZauharVE2ZAZMemberFN25bkYesYes
Graham IdeVE3BYTMemberFN25chYesYes
Andy HartVE3NVKMemberFN25bhYesYes
Doug LeachVE3XKVice PresidentFN15wgYesYes
Glenn MacDonellVE3XRAMemberFN15djYesYes


The meeting was opened by VicePresident Doug Leach(VE3XK) at 19:30 hours.

Doug, VE3XK requested members to introduce themselves.

Secretary's Report:

Secretary Barney Baker(VA3BGB) introduced the minutes of the previous meeting. Moved by Barney Baker(VA3BGB) that the previous minutes as published on the web pages be approved. Seconded by Bert Zauhar(VE2ZAZ).

Motion approved.

Treasurer's Report:

Ken - VA3KA being absent, provided Doug, VE3XK with data showing that the WCARC has a bank balance of $408.00. The club is aware of a debt payable to Al - VO1NO/VE3.

Doug - VE3XK moved that the report be accepted. Seconded by Bert - VE2ZAZ, passed

Old Business:

Beacons - Subject of later presentation.

D-STAR - The OARDG is hoping to provide the Almonte area some improved D-STAR coverage using a D-STAR mini Hot Spot.

Balloon - VE3BYT, Graham reported that this project has been suspended due to the lack of funding and support.

New Business:

Tyler - VA3DGN informed the members that he was organizing a bunny hunt. He requested anyone interested to contact him through VA3DGN@RAC.CA.

FN04xa Grid Expedition (2010)

In preparation for the next expedition it is suggested by Dean - VA3CDD that the WCARC aquire a number of various frequency cordless phones which would be used during the contest. Dean will investigate and report on availability of such phones.

Advanced Amateur Radio Certification

Congratulations are passed to Tyler - VA3DGN and to Glenn - VE3XRA for their successful completion of the advanced certification.

Doug - VE3XK moved that the funds of $100.00 that had been allotted to the proposed move to the CFRA site now be directed to the Almonte site. Seconded by Andy - VE3NVK, passed.




Show & Tell

Peter Jago - VA3PJ brought in several high frequency components. He described his background and the projects in which he was involved. Peter provided a detailed explanation of the design of the waveguided component and explained it's use in the millimeter radar whose development he assisted.

Thank you Peter for a very interesting discussion.

Beacon Presentation

Doug - VE3XK provided members with the details of the move of the beacons to the Almonte location including the method of installing PL259 connectors onto Heliax. Much discussion ensued regarding the propagation of the beacons under various conditions. As the beacon enclosure is mounted on the adjacent tower, open to the elements, Doug explained that the enclosure has been designed and proven for cold weather operation.


The VicePresident Doug Leach(VE3XK) stated that there being no further business, the meeting would be adjourned. The meeting was closed at 21:45 hours.