The meeting was held in the Kanata Room at Sobey's in Kanata.

The following members and guests were present:

NameCall SignPosition
Dale HennigarVE3XZT
Dean DenterVA3CDD
Harold HamiltonVA3UNK
Brad SmithVE3BSM
John ChristensenVE3IAO
Barrie CramptonVE3BSBGuest
Al PenneyVO1NO/VE3
Adam KuzychVE3ZXKGuest
Steve AttfieldVA3SAX
Barney BakerVA3BGB
Tim EvangelatosVE3MY
Doug LeachVE3XK
Dave GoodwinVE3AAQGuest / RAC Regional Director
Bill BrownW4TAA/VE3
Tom ZinckVA3NFAPresident
Rick BandlaVE3CVGV.P. / Webmaster
Ken AsmusVA3KATreasurer
Graham IdeVE3BYTSecretary

Tom, VA3NFA, welcomed everyone, especially Barrie, VE3BSB, Adam, VE3ZXK, and Dave, VE3AAQ. Dave was congratulated on his election as President of Radio Amateurs of Canada beginning in January 2008.

Tom gave an interesting recap of the events over the past year. The club has done quite a number of interesting and useful projects and has enjoyed many informative presentations at meetings over 2007. See the minutes of meetings for more information.

Rick, VE3CVG, indicated that the 902 band beacon is working OK, near its planned frequency of 903.370 MHz. The D-STAR system is working OK with 16-17 users. Users can connect to any D-STAR system in the world.

The WCARC web site has had thousands of hits. At present the site is charged to Rick's account at Mondenet, around $100 per year.

Graham, VE3BYT, reported that the minutes for the year to date are on the web site.

Ken, VA3KA, said that we have 27 members paid to date for 2007. Finances are in good order. At the meeting the club donated $101 to the OARDG (the Ottawa Amateur Radio Digital Group).

Tom informed the members that he had been advised we should have an uneven number of directors so we would be unlikely to have tie votes on motions. Tom moved that we add a Director-at-large, seconded by Dale, VE3XZT. There was a proposed amendment to the motion - that the new director be the immediate past-president; this was later withdrawn. The original motion passed unanimously.

The election was held for officers for 2008:

  • For President - Al Penney, VO1NO - Nominated by Ken, seconded by Graham.
  • For Vice President - Doug Leach, VE3XK - Nominated by Rick, seconded by Al.
  • For Treasurer - Ken Asmus, VA3KA - Nominated by Al, seconded by Graham.
  • For Secretary - Barney Baker, VA3BGB - Nominated by Rick, seconded by Al.
  • For new Director - Dale Hennigar, VE3XZT - Nominated by Ken, seconded by John, VE3IAO.

All of these candidates were elected by acclamation and with enthusiasm.

Rick, VE3CVG, will continue as WebMaster. Ken has been treasurer since 2000, and will continue. Ken noted that I (Graham, VE3BYT) have been secretary since June, 2000. (I am surprised it has been that long).

Tom expressed thanks to the 2007 executive on behalf of the members, and offered congratulations to the new executive for 2008. Tom noted that the club web site is very comprehensive, useful and interesting - 'Good job, Rick'.

Rick and Tom will forward to the new executive all offers they have received for speakers, tours, and other activities.

Dave Goodwin, VE3AAQ, area Regional Director of Radio Amateurs of Canada, provided a few notes on the recent World Radio Conference. Canadian Amateurs will have an allocation at 137 kHz when this is approved for use by Industry Canada. 7.200 - 7.300 MHz will continue to be shared with broadcasting. RAC will participate in preparatory meetings for WRC 2011, beginning in 2008.

Bill, W4TAA/VE3, is thinking of participating in a DXpedition to Sable Island. If he goes, he will activate the 6 Metre band there. Bill has acquired a 6 M. beacon and is considering running it at times when he is not on the air himself. Bill will defer this project until the new year.

Adam, VE3ZXK, mentioned that he had access to some programmable 440 equipment and that he would bring some to a future meeting.

Members drew numbers for the order in which they could choose the attendance prizes that were arranged for by Rick. There were lots of neat items and everyone came away with something useful.

Coffee and juice and a variety of snacks were laid out, including delicious nuts provided by Doug, VE3XK. Everyone enjoyed Eyeball QSOs until these were all consumed. The last meeting of the year was adjourned with everyone's appetite for discussion and goodies well satisfied.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday, January 2, 2008. Note that this is one day later than the usual meeting date, in view of New Year's Day being on the first Tuesday of the month.

Graham Ide VE3BYT

Personal note: I have enjoyed being Secretary for the past few years. This was not really an onerous job for me as Ken has kept the club membership records and Rick maintains the web site. Bon voyage, Barney.