The meeting was held in the Kanata Room at Sobey’s in Kanata.

The following members and guests were present:

Name Call Sign Position
Phil St-Germain VE3CIQ  
Brad Smith VE3BSM  
Harold Hamilton VA3UNK  
Dean Denter VA3CDD  
David Conn VE3KL  
Barney Baker VA3BGB  
Al Penney VO1NO  
John Christensen VE3IAO  
Rick Furniss VE3IHI Guest
Brian Jeffrey VE3UU Guest
Brian Martin VE3IX Guest
Ed Blaser VE3LZV  
Darrell Cooper VA3RDC Guest
Brian Graves VA3DXV Guest
Tim Evangelatos VE3MY  
Doug Leach VE3XK  
Steve Attfield VA3SAX  
Andy Hart VE3NVK Guest
Tom Zinck VA3NFA President
Rick Bandla VE3CVG V.P. / Webmaster
Graham Ide VE3BYT Secretary

Tom, VA3NFA, welcomed everyone. The guests identified themselves - Brian, Brian, Brian, Darrell, Andy, and Rick (as noted above).

Ken, VA3KA, was absent. Accounts are up to date.

Rick, VE3CVG, indicated that the web site is up to date.

Graham, VE3BYT - nothing to report. The minutes of the October meeting are on the web site.

Brad, VE3BSM, reported that the VE3WCC digipeater needs a reboot, and that VE3PGC in Cornwall is not functioning.


Kieran’s (VA3KS) beacon VA3SJS on 144.290 MHz has good coverage throughout the area.

Tom is working on a 222 MHz transmitter that will become a beacon, and is looking for a suitable transmitter for the 430 MHz band that can serve as a beacon.

Rick, VE3CVG, is working on a pair of “micro-beacons” of less than one-half watt output. Soon he will put them on the air at 28.127 and 50.074 MHz.

Tom would like the club to have beacons on the 1.2 and 2.3 GHz bands as well in addition to 222 MHz and Kieran’s beacon on the 144 MHz band.

Tom discussed the December meeting. Everyone agreed to follow the example of last year - a bit of a party with food and door prizes - and the election of officers. In addition to the usual officers, the club needs a number of coordinators, such as for repeaters and beacons, programs, events and so on.

Membership fees are due at the end of the year.

Tom got a positive response to the idea of another tour of the Diefenbunker on a Tuesday evening early in the new year.

Rick showed his MFJ vertical antenna, which covers the 144, 430 and 1.2 GHz bands - $125C at Bytown Marine.

Tom brought his low power transmitter for 222 MHz. The manufacturer is as yet unidentified. This is destined to become a beacon.

Graham showed his TX-220B, a 1 - 2-watt transmitter for 222 MHz, from a kit made by VHF Engineering. VHFE used to put out kits for bands from 50 to 450 MHz, plus power amplifiers, and various receiver and repeater modules. The company ceased manufacturing quite a few years ago. Where are you, VHFE, now that we really need you?

Al, VO1NO, made an excellent illustrated presentation of his 1999 DXpedition (IOTA) to Saint Paul Island, north off the tip of Cape Breton. There have been around 350 shipwrecks off this island (sounds like a reason not to go there). Al recounted the early days and the need for a lighthouse and horn on Saint Paul. Al remembered the “captain” throwing out the anchor with the rope unattached to the boat. (This is the best way to get rid of “boat anchors” - throw them in the ocean. Another way is to advertise them on eBay.) Apparently all participants had a great time. The mysteries remain - what made the scream in the woods when no large mammals live on the island, and what were the “ghost lights” seen across the bay?

Al reported that the Field Day effort placed 4th in Canada in the 2A category - pretty good show.

The net that meets on 3730 kHz most nights usually has about 20 participating. Details are on the VE3RIX web site.

The next meeting will be on December 5, 2006 - food, door prizes, membership dues and the election.

Graham Ide VE3BYT