The meeting was held in the Kanata Room at Sobey’s in Kanata.

The following members and guests were present:

Name Call Sign Position
Manfred Kahle VA3WK  
Barney Baker VA3BGB  
Rene Kahle VA3XK  
David Conn VE3KL  
Al Penney VO1NO  
Dale Hennigar VE3XZT  
Les McCready VA3BZQ  
John Christensen VE3IAO  
Tim Evangelatos VE3MY  
Richard Ferch VE3IAY Guest
Steve Attfield VA3SAX Guest
Harold Hamilton VA3UNK  
Brad Smith VE3BSM  
Doug Leach VE3XK  
Dean Denter VA3CDD  
Lyle Halverson VA3TIS Guest
Tom Zinck VA3NFA President
Rick Bandla VE3CVG V.P. / Webmaster
Graham Ide VE3BYT Secretary

Introductions were made around the room, and Tom, VA3NFA, welcomed our guests.

Tom called for reports -

Ken, VA3KA, was away, so there was no financial report.

Rick, VE3CVG, reported that the minutes are up on the web site, and the site is up to date generally. The 903 MHz beacon is working OK. Rick suggested that a Skew-Planar antenna be installed on the beacon again. Tom noted that he hears the beacon.

Graham, VE3BYT, had no secretarially-oriented items to report.


John, VE3IAO, noted that the IRLP is up and running with some white noise. 444.300 MHz, 100.0 Hz tone, Node #2220. 147.240 OK, also with 100.0 Hz tone access.

There was some discussion of simulcasting the SSB net on the 2 Metre repeater. Dale, VE3XZT, will look into a horizontal antenna.

The new callsign on the 440 system is VE3WCC.

Doug, VE3XK, inquired about the possibility of resurrecting the 222 band repeater. Manfred has two sets of cans; they need cleaning and tuning. There is no antenna for this band in place on the commercial tower. Perhaps Phil, VE3CIQ, would install an antenna and feedline for this repeater. Dale will check with Phil about the installation of the 222 machine.

It was noted that these repeater changes will require a request to the Saint Lawrence Valley Repeater Council for coordination. Dale, as Repeater Committee Chairman, will file the Technical Information Reports with the Council from the SLVRC web site when all the administrative and technical details are in hand.

VHF/UHF Contest

The June VHF/UHF QSO Party starts on Saturday at 2:00 PM. Tom’s Rover will be on the road and will monitor 146.580 and 223.500, with coordination on 144.250 SSB. The Rover schedule is on the web site. Some schedules have been arranged, including for 10 GHz contacts with VE3CVG and VE3XK. The Rover goal is 250 contacts, to beat the 172 in the last effort.

Draft Ottawa By-law on Antennas

The amalgamated City of Ottawa has severely jolted the amateur community with its draft antenna by-law that suggests permitting ONE antenna in amateur radio installations. The pertinent Sections are 64 concerning towers and structure heights, and 120 re the number of antennas.

Many opinions were voiced on the appropriateness of such a municipal law, given that radio amateur operations come under federal jurisdiction. Opinion is that Ottawa is pushing its envelope, trying to make its case and set an important precedent in Canada.

A motion was made and eventually withdrawn to the effect that the club should write to the appropriate official expressing concern with the draft. It was concluded that writing a letter is probably premature at this time. It was decided to give the situation another month or so. Many amateurs will be attending meetings with city staff to discuss this, and the clubs are organizing to keep on top of the situation.

Doug noted that there are about 2400 radio amateurs in Ottawa.

10 GHz

Motion by Rick, VE3CVG, seconded by Al, VO1NO, that the club purchase a Tellurometer from Ray Perrin, VE3FN, for $75. Carried. This instrument will be available to members. Rick and Doug each have two units.

Field Day Planning

Al, VO1NO, Field Day planner/organizer gave a very interesting and thorough slide presentation on the comprehensive plans he has made for our operation with the Lanark/North Leeds ARES Group.

The operation will be in the Agricultural Fair Grounds in Middleville, west of Almonte. The club will operate in the 2A category with 2 HF transmitters, maximum 150 watts, plus GOTA, VHF/UHF, Satellite and demonstration activities. Coordinators will be:

  • CW - VE3PYG
  • SSB - VE3XZT
  • Satellite - VE3BSB

Demo Modes:

  • Winlink VE3VY

Al had everything well in hand, but still needed a coordinator for food preparation.

The next meeting will be on July 4, 2006.

Graham Ide VE3BYT