In 2010, WCARC lost access to its FM repeater site. Rather than store the repeater equipment donated to us by Manfred VA3WK, for an indeterminate length of time, the club voted to sell its 2m and 70cm repeaters to the nearby Almonte Amateur Radio Club.

In October 2010 we received a notice from the AARC that the FM repeaters were operational. VA3ARE (VHF FM) is located at Almonte Union Hall and is on 147.240+ with 100Hz PL tone.

VA3AAR (UHF FM) is located at the Almonte Fire Hall. The link to the Lavant repeater (146.640) is not yet operational. VA3AAR is on 444.300+ with PL 100Hz tone.

Contact for the AARC repeaters is Rob VE3UIX.

Other FM Repeaters in the area

  • 444.550 MHz (+5) VA3KPT - Continuous tone of 151.4Hz
  • 444.100 MHz (+5) VE3SEX located in Almonte. Continuous tone of 100Hz. IRLP node 2280.

D-STAR Repeaters in the area

Several WCARC members are very active in the installation, maintenance, support and operation of the Ottawa area D-STAR repeater VA3ODG. VA3ODG is part of the ICOM-based USTrust system.

In addition, some members like Dale VE3XZT in the west, and Rick VE3CVG in the east, operate Hot Spots associated with VA3ODG. Hot spots are simplex frequency extensions to the main repeater. They permit low-power, easy access to the repeater in otherwise poor signal areas.

Greg VA3OMP operates a hot spot connected to the FREESTAR network.