Whereas we have been unable to locate any earlier Articles of Incorporation or By-Laws of the West Carleton Amateur Radio Club, Inc., (the Club) we, the undersigned, wishing to continue our association of persons commonly interested in Amateur Radio, enact this Constitution and By-Laws as our governing rules. The objectives for which the Club was to be incorporated were expressed as follows on May 18, 1982:

  1. to promote the enjoyment of the hobby of amateur radio
  2. to further the technical development of the hobby of amateur radio
  3. to promote better public understanding of the hobby of amateur radio
  4. to maintain preparedness to provide communications in case of emergency
  5. to provide communications services on a volunteer basis to the community at large e.g. service clubs, and non-profit organizations

Article I – Membership

Membership shall be by application, upon meeting such terms as the Club shall provide in its By-Laws.

Article II – Meetings

The By-Laws shall provide for general meetings and special meetings.

Article III – Officers

The officers of the Club, their duties and terms of office shall be in accordance with the By-Laws. The officers of the Club shall be elected from the membership, by ballot of the members present, at the Annual General Meeting. Vacancies occurring between elections shall be filled by special elections at the first general meeting following the resignation or removal. Officers may be removed by a majority vote as defined in the bylaws at a general meeting.

Article IV – Dues

The By-Laws shall provide for such dues or assessments as deemed necessary for the business of the Club.

Article V – Governance

Robert’s Rules shall govern proceedings but shall only be applied when necessary to maintain order, at the discretion of the President. Repeated use of foul language may be cause for expulsion from a meeting.

Article VI – Language

The Club shall carry out its business in English. The language spoken by an individual who is applying for membership shall not impact their admission to the Club.

Article VII – Amendments

This Constitution or the By-Laws may be amended by a majority vote as defined in the bylaws at a general meeting. Proposals for amendments shall be submitted in writing at a general meeting and shall be voted on at the next following general meeting, provided all members have been notified at least two weeks in advance, of the intent to amend the Constitution and/or By-Laws at that meeting.

Signed by the Executive Officers of West Carleton Amateur Radio Club, Inc. in office for the Year 2008

Alphonse Penney (VO1NO) – President

Douglas Leach (VE3XK) – Vice President

Bernard Baker (VA3BGB) – Secretary

Kenneth Asmus (VA3KA) – Treasurer

Dale Hennigar (VE3XZT) – Director

Approved by all members present on August 5, 2008